View Cart and Checkout

When all meal payments and School Fees have been added to the cart, click to View Cart and Checkout.


Cart Summary

This displays a summary of the Cart Total, Total Convenience fee (all Service Charges) and Total Amount.

  • Click the Convenience Fee link to display the separate School Fee and Lunch Payment fees.

NOTE: Convenience Fee amounts shown are an example; fees may vary by district.


  • The district-set Convenience Fee will be charged to your account each time you make a meal payment and/or a school fee payment online (with a debit or credit card).

Shopping Cart

This displays a summary of the payments you are making that includes Meal Payments and School Fees payments.


  • Click the Post-It icon to edit or add a memo to the school fee.
    • The district will sometimes require student’s name and classroom number or similar information.
  • Click to remove an item from the shopping cart.
  • Click to check out and make a payment.


  • If you select a Wallet Account, it will automatically fill in the information that was entered in Manage Wallet.



If you do not want to use, or have not set up a wallet account, you can enter the required information on this screen.

  • Enter the First and Last Name, Address, City, State/Province and Zip exactly as it appears on the credit card bill in the appropriate fields.
  • Enter the Credit Card Number, CVV/Card Code, Card Expiration Month and Card Expiration Year.
    • Click the Save to Wallet? box if you would like to save the credit card information to a wallet account.
  • Check the box to confirm you have read’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
  • Click to process the payment.
    • A confirmation message will display and also an email will be sent to you if Send Notification is checked in Manage Profile.

  • Click Home to go to the homepage.
  • Click Payment History to print a receipt of the transaction.

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