Recurring Payments

On this page you can schedule recurring payments on a monthly or weekly basis.

NOTE: A Wallet Account is required for recurring payments.

  • Select which wallet account you would like to use from the Wallet Account dropdown list.

  • Select Monthly (first day of each month) or Weekly (every Monday morning) from the Auto Payment Type dropdown list.

    • Enter the number of payments to be scheduled in the Number of Payments field.



  • Select Low Balance from the Auto Payment Type to have a payment made from your wallet account whenever a student’s balance falls under the entered amount. (NOTE: The Number of Payments field changes to Student balance falls below field when Low Balance is selected.)

    • Enter an amount in the Student balance falls below field. Example: If $10 is entered here and your child’s balance falls to $9.95, additional money specified below will automatically be added to their account.
    • Enter an amount to be added to the student’s lunch account in the Amount field.
      • For each student that falls below the Low Balance threshold, a payment ($20, per example above) will be added to each student’s account. So, a total of $40 will be charged to your wallet account, but will display as one transaction (with only one convenience fee).

  • Click to save.

    • You will get a message that tells you the recurring payment has been added successfully.

  • The page refreshes. The Wallet Account, Payment Frequency and Next Payment will display with the parent's selections, as well as the Student Name and Amount of the recurring payment.

NOTE:Payments can only be applied to VERIFIED students. If any student becomes un-verified or deleted, the recurring payments for all students on the account will be unscheduled automatically.

  • The amount of payments remaining will display in the Next Payment field.

  • The total amount charged to the parent for each payment will display below the student name.

  • To delete a scheduled payment, go to the Recurring Payments page, and click .

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