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Parent Functions

On the left side of the Parent's Home Page, there is a list of all the Parent Functions to navigate the site.


  • Click any link to go to that page.

Home/Student Information

The page will display a list of all their students.  

  • Click Make Meal Payment to make a meal payment to a student’s account.

  • Parents will also see each student's Balance from Point of Sale, and buttons for looking up Meal History and viewing assigned School Fees.

  • Click on the Meal History button to display all of the transactions for that student.


  • A student must be verified before meal payments can be made. If a student is Not Verified, click the Manage Students link toupdate the student’s information .

  • Click the View (X) button under Assigned Fees to view and fees that have been assigned to your student.  You will be directed to the School Fees page.

    • Use the School Fees page to add assigned fees to the cart or search for other fees to be added to the cart.

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