Manage Wallet

This feature is optional and allows the user to save credit card information so it does not need to be retyped every time a payment is made.

  • On the Manage Wallet page, click Add Card to Wallet.

  • The screen expands to add a new card.

  • Enter a Nickname for this card in the Wallet Nickname text field. This is used to make it easy to tell which card is being selected.  

  • Enter the credit card billing First and Last Name and Address, City, State/Province, and State in the appropriate text fields.

    • Verify it matches the credit card's billing information.
  • Enter your card information in the Credit Card Number text field.

    • verifies the validity and type (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express) of the card based on number entered.
      • An error message will appear if an incorrect card number is entered.
  • Select the card’s expiration date from the Card Expiration Month and Card Expiration Year dropdown lists.

  • Click when completed.

  • To set up another account, click Add Card to Wallet. Up to five accounts can be saved.

  • To delete or change an account, click Edit. 

    • Everything is editable except the card number. To update/correct a card number, you will need to delete the card and add a new card to the wallet.
      • There will only be a Delete option if no recurring payments are attached to the account.
    • Click to save any changes.


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