Manage Students

Parents can Add or Delete students or modify student information in Manage  will verify that the information provided is correct.


Why do students need to be verified?

This is done to ensure that a POS account exists for this student and that the correct student gets credit for the payments.


Add New Students

  • Click Add Student.  

  • Enter the student’s ID number in the Student Number text field.

  • Enter the student’s last name or the first three characters of the last name in the Last Name text field.

    • Student Number and the first three characters of the student's Last Name must match the school records exactly.

    • The Student Number digit length is determined by your district



Why do we require an exact match on last name and student number?

For security, we require that the parent provide at least these two pieces of information.

Then the verify feature can be used to fill in the first name and school. This makes the registration process easier if parents are not sure exactly how their child's first name is spelled in the school records, while still providing confidentiality.


  • Click Save and it will search the database for a match.


  • If a match is found, two messages will momentarily appear on the top of the page. It will be verified immediately and the account will be ready to accept payments.

  • If no match is found, the student cannot be instantly verified.

    • Verify the Student Number and Last Name are entered correctly.
    • will automatically attempt to verify the student when the auto updates run.

    • Click OK to return to the Add New Student page.


Edit Existing Students

  • Click the Edit button to edit the information on an unverified student only.
    • You will get a screen similar to the new student setup.

    • Update the student number or last name and click Save.
    • Click to Delete students from the Edit screen.
      • Click Ok to delete to student or Close to close the window without deleting the student.

NOTE:  If a Student Number needs to be changed on a student that is already verified, you will need to delete that student and add as a new student.


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