Manage Profile

Manage Profile is where the parent can change their password, email address and other account information.  

NOTE:This information is used ONLY for managing K12PaymentCenter.comaccounts; it is never shared with anyone else.



Profile Settings

  • Select the student’s school district from the District dropdown list.

  • Enter your first name in the First Name text field.

  • Enter your last name in the Last Name text field.

  • Enter the email you would like to contact you with if necessary in the E-mail text field.

  • Enter your phone number in the Phone text field.  It will automatically be formatted.

  • If you would like to receive text notifications, enter your cell phone number in the Text Message Phone text field and select the phone carrier from the Text Message Carrier dropdown list.


Change Password or Username


  • Your username will display in the Username text field.  This is editable.   

  • Enter a password for your account in the Password text field.

  • Enter the same password in the Confirm Password text field.

  • If you have linked your Facebook account to your account, your Facebook Account picture will show here.

    • You can click Unlink at any time to unlink the two accounts.


  • Select a security question from the Security Question dropdown list.  If you select Write your own question… enter the question in the text box below.

  • Type the answer to the security question in the Answer text field.



  • Check the Send School Fee Notifications when Fees are assigned to my Students box for notifications when any school fees have been assigned to your child(ren).  If the box is checked, enter the following:

    • Select a number of days in the dropdown list if you also want an email notification sent that many days before the due date.
    • Whether you’d like to receive an Email, Text Message, or Email & Test Message.



  • Check the Send Low Balance Notification box if you would like receive notifications for low balances.  If the box is checked, enter the following:

    • The amount at which you want to be notified.
    • Whether you’d like to receive an Email, Text Message, or Email & Test Message.


Maximum Online Lunch Payment

  • Enter an amount in the text field.

    • The default is $299, but you can change it to anything up to $999.
    • Once an amount is entered and the profile is saved, you will be unable to make a payment greater than the set amount. If you would like to make a larger payment, update the amount here first.



If you would like to close your student’s account, click the Delete Account button. On the next page, please read and verify that you want to delete your account.

  • Click Delete Account. You will no longer have access to the website unless you create a new account.



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