Create New User Manually

If you do not have, or do not want to link your Facebook account to your account, you can sign up manually.

  • Select a state from the State dropdown list.

  • Select the school district where the students are enrolled from the District dropdown list.  

    • Once the district is selected, the chart showing fees for that district will display.
  • Enter a user name for your parent account in the User Name text field.

    • Your user name can be the same as your email, if desired.
  • Enter an email address in the E-Mail text field. This is required and will be used only for correspondence.  

  • Create a password by entering it in the Password test field.  A password is required for security.  Re-enter the password in the Confirm Password text field to ensure the correct password has been created.

  • Enter the parent's name and phone number in the Name and Phone text fields.  This is the contact information in case we need to reach a parent and email is not available.  First and Last name are required.  Phone is requested but not required.  

  • Select a security question for password retrieval from the Security Question dropdown list.

  • Enter the answer to your security question in the Answer field.

  • The two charts show the features and costs for Meal Account Features and School Fees Features.  

    • School Fee convenience fees can vary by site.
    • If your district does not offer school fees, your School Fees Features chart will display like this:

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